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How does my OReGO device work?

The mileage reporting device collects information from your vehicle to determine total mileage driven and fuel consumed. Once collected, the data is securely transmitted after each trip.

How do I connect the OReGO device to my vehicle?

The mileage reporting device is plugged into the diagnostic port (OBD-II) in your vehicle, typically found below the steering wheel. For detailed instructions, please watch the video below.
If you want to find the OBD-II location for your own vehicle or if the video does not display properly on your browser, please follow the link.

When will I receive my OReGO device?

Expect to receive your mileage reporting device approximately 5 business days after your OReGO application is approved.

How do I know when my OReGO device is activated?

Your mileage reporting device is automatically activated before shipment. You should be notified by e-mail within 48 hours after driving for the first time with the device installed.

What kind of information is collected by my OReGO device?

Your mileage reporting device collects distance traveled and fuel consumption information (when available) directly from your vehicle.

Does the OReGO Account Manager record where I have driven?

No. Your mileage reporting device does not contain a GPS system, and does not record location information. 

what do the OReGO device LED lights mean?

The lights on the side of your device indicate the status of the different components of the device.  It is normal for these lights to flash from time to time.
  • Green –OBD-II is connected
  • Red –Wireless network is connected.

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